Effluent treatment Plant

The Effluent treatment plant is designed to treat the effluent approaching from different areas of the plant. The treatment of different effluents varies with the type of bilge water manufacturer, exporter, and supplier. Oily water effluent treatment plant, Water Effluent Treatment, plant

Oily water effluent treatment plant:-

Oily water effluent treatment plant is designed to treat effluent mainly containing oily effluent. The oily water from the Transformer Area, Turbine building, Workshop etc is collected in common collection sump from where water is pumped through the Plate Interceptor. Oil separated from Plate Interceptor is collected in drums & clear water is lead to central monitoring basin through gravity. Sludge generated from the Plate Interceptor is led to the Sludge Pit for further treatment.

Water Effluent Treatment:-

Effluent Recycling Plants The system is envisaged for treatment of effluent mainly containing turbidity and suspended solids. Service water washing effluent from different areas is collected in common collection pit and then pumped to the flash mixer where chemical mixing takes place. The effluent is dosed with Alum, Lime and Poly-electrolyte to coagulate and flocculation the suspended / colloidal matter. Water then flows through the flocculation tank for flocculation.